Commercial Artist – Sarah Bishop

This year I have been enjoying putting together short films. This process includes audio recordings in an ‘interview’ with the subject, general sound audio recordings, video recording and then the editing process to build the blocks and hopefully create something that has general interest or appeal. Sarah Bishop, commercial artist living in the Upper Hunter, allowed me to trespass on her creative space in order to make the following piece. It was specifically for an ABC Open Project titled Makers and Creators.


Commercial artist Sarah Bishop knew she was not cut out for the nine-to-five life of advertising. Instead she went on to pursue her passion.

‘I do get accused of having a lot of different styles’ says Sarah, who produces big bold colourful paintings, fine pencil drawings and gentle scenes.

Sarah is inspired primarily by nature and people.

The rural environment where she lives and works in Scone NSW, enables Sarah to feel energised and to work on a range of pieces each week.

This short film was shown on the big screen as part of the Newcastle Film Festival and on ABC TV.