Sophie Frazer photographer and designer.

Sophie Frazer is based in Newcastle and travels with work to the Upper Hunter Valley, Scone, Sydney and beyond. Sophie has nearly twenty years of experience working within the fields of photography and design.

Her career began in Surry Hills Sydney, alongside fashion photographers and took her to London in her early years of experience. Since then, in Australia, she has moved into sectors including advertising, tourism, property, small business and events. She has worked in the fields of photography, printing (digital, photographic, large format, offset), stock photography, design agencies and since 2003 has operated her own design and photography business.

The diversity of her photography work is one of the aspects that Sophie loves – people, landscape, interiors, nature, action and more. The compliment of photography working alongside design, whether websites and online media, or printed material such as promotional or book design is a balanced package to what she can offer her clients. has further information about the websites, online and print design.

Contact Sophie on her mobile: 0431 956 952 or